Software Development Kits (SDK)

For companies that wish to develop their own DMX applications capable of communicating seamlessly with Chromateq hardware devices and Chromateq software.

  • Competitively priced data processing solutions for integrating DMX communication in proprietary software development projects.
  • Provided with the SDK: source code, complete protocols, libraries, DLL and needed tools for the application development process.
  • Examples of SDK clients include educational institutions, lighting manufacturers, software developers and projects requiring custom solutions for direct communication with Chromateq control systems.​

SDK - Interfaces and hardware

This SDK enables low-level direct hardware communication with the DMX interface.

Programmers can send data to the device to be converted into a DMX signal by the hardware. This SDK requires advanced knowledge of computer science and software development (C, C++ recommended).

We provide a complete USB/Ethernet communication with DLL and librairies.


This SDK provides a list of UDP commands available for Chromateq software and stand alone devices with Ethernet connectivity such as the CQSA-E.

Easily implemented in software code and less complex than low-level hardware communication. The protocol is open and only requires Ethernet communication to use the commands.
The same protocol as used in our Wi-Light 2 app to send instructions and receive configuration states.


The Link includes:

  • A Project example in C++ language to start easily your software development
  • The documentation of our USB communication and protocol (.PDF and .ODT files)
  • The list of commands base on JSON Protocol (.txt)
  • A video example of JSON Communication in UDP (MP4)

The Link includes:

  • The Documentation (.PDF file)
  • Src code, DLL, libraries
  • Test tool (.EXE file)
  • USB drivers (Windows, Mac OS, Linux)