Free DMX software download

Our Download page gives all the latest DMX Lighting software release for free for the Operating system of your choice.
Links contents are frequently updated and software constantly maintained.
PRO DMX 2 (Beta), PIXXEM, Studio DMX, LED Player, Pro DMX, Wi-Light 2 for PC are included in the release
as well as the Profile Editor, tools, USB drivers.
Wi-Light 2 Application for mobile devices are available on the stores for free.


From the download link bellow you will download a ZIP file that contains our tool to install, uninstall or update all the Chromateq software. Notice that an Internet connection is required for the complete installation process.

Installation content :

Latest Chromateq software and App / Api :
• PRO DMX 2 (DMX lighting) — 2.1.20
• PIXXEM (Pixel Mapping) — 1.3.15
• STUDIO DMX (3D Viewer) — 1.1.4
• WI LIGHT 2 (Remote control APP) — 1.22.03

Utilities :
• DEVICETOOL, quick interface configurations and device settings
• USB drivers for Windows (needed to communicate with devices)
• Profiles (our latest list of fixture profile) 
• User Manuals (PDF)
• LoopBe (virtual MIDI port and MIDI Driver) 

Optional Installation (need to select custom installation from the installation setup):

Older Chromateq software :
• LED Player (Easy DMX Lighting) — 1.9.17
• Pro DMX (DMX Lighting) — 1.8.8

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System Requirements

Wi Light 2 - App

A powerful easy-to-use mobile app that enables remote lighting control over a WiFi connection. The second generation of the Wi-Light App has been completely redesigned to provide tight integration with the latest versions of Chromateq software and new Ethernet-enabled stand alone devices such as the CQSA-E 1024 or CQSA-E Pro.

The latest release gives the possibility to command your Chromateq software and Chromateq devices over Internet with the new Web remote options and online Chromateq server service. Just register a user account, associate your device locally on Network and then take control instantly of your CQSA-E device or Software installation anywhere in the world.
Mockup Wi-Light

Additional Support

Device Comparison

Table comparing Chromateq interface features by model

Fixture Profiles

Current fixture personality library (collection of fixture profiles included with the latest software release)

Win7 USB Drivers​

Old USB drivers for Windows 7
Requires a manual installation


Utility program that easily updates and configures Chromateq interfaces: