SDK - Interfaces and hardware

Our development kit includes data processing files such as DLL libraries files and concrete examples of simple C++ codes. It allows easy programming in a multitude of data processing languages. Our SDK works with all USB and Ethernet Chromateq interfaces.

DLL and CODE in C++

  • SDK for PC to DMX interface communication.
  • For Windows,Mac and Linux systems.
  • DLL file that give the main communication function with the Chromateq devices.
  • Possibility to secure your DMX interfaces with 256 bytes encryption password.
  • Contact us to get price offers.


Since 2021, our UDP protocol includes a list of commands fully compatible with all our softwares in Live (PRO DMX 2, PIXXEM, PRO DMX, LED PLAYER) and some of our Ethernet interfaces in Stand Alone (CLUB-E, PRONET-E, CQSA-E, DIN-E).

The Link includes:

  • A Project example in C++ language to start easily your software development
  • The documentation of our USB communication and protocol (.PDF and .ODT files)
  • The list of commands base on JSON Protocol (.txt)
  • A video example of JSON Communication in UDP (MP4)

Our low level USB and Ethernet communication SDK, updated from 2023 and compatible with all our latest devices.
The SDK includes and example of code in C++.
You can take control of the following interface in Live, send DMX and receive DMX values with your own App and Software :

  • CLUB 128, CLUB 512, CLUB 1024
  • CLUB-E 1024, PRONET-E
  • CQSA 512, CQSA 1024
  • SLIM 512, SLIM 1024
  • TOUCH 512, TOUCH 1024
  • DIN-E 512, DIN-E 1024, DIN-E 2048

OS Versions available and compatible:

The DEV Kit gives a different library file for all the following OS:

  • Windows 32 bits / 64 bits
  • MAC OS X 64 bits
  • Linux 64 bits
  • Raspberry 64 bits (Arm)

The Link includes:

  • The Documentation (.PDF file)
  • Src code, DLL, libraries
  • Test tool (.EXE file)
  • USB drivers (Windows, Mac OS, Linux)