New lighting control remote mobile app for smartphone and tablet

Download Wi-Light 2 APK installation for ANDROID Here

The second generation of Wi-Light has been completely redesigned to provide tight integration with the latest versions of Chromateq free dmx lighting software and new Ethernet-enabled stand alone devices such as the CQSA-E.​

Our new lighting control remote app comes with a new look, a slick dark skin and an updated graphical user interface.

A powerful easy-to-use mobile app that enables remote lighting control over a WiFi connection, Wi-Light App plays scenes saved on Chromateq stand alone hardware devices and plays shows and audio timelines from the Chromateq software. Wi-Light App is faster, manages 5 zones with customizable buttons, and offers handy utilities such as remote adjustment of the time and date of the CQSA-E.​

The new Wi-Light 2 is always free and always available on Google and in the Apple store.​

NEW App FOR 2022

WEB Remote with Wi-Light 2 and CQSA-E

  • The latest Wi-Light 2 app allows the user to remotely command the CQSA-E interface and Chromateq software over the Internet (as well as over LAN and WLAN).

  • Creating a user account enables you to associate your CQSA-E with your registered account.

  • The power of remote project management in the palm of your hand.

Web Remote
DMX Lighting remote control app 04

Main Light App Features

  • Take live control of Chromateq software from a phone or tablet with a WiFi connection and Internet access.
  • Remotely control the CQSA-E 1024 interface in Standalone Mode without a computer via a local network access point LAN or WLAN.
  • Easily trigger (start/stop) scenes, select zones, choose colors from an RGB/W palette, adjust dimmer and speed, blackout, highlight, pause, and directly control individual DMX channels.
  • Create customized cursors and count down, personalize your button graphics and secure your app with a password.
  • 100% free and available on Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS.

Light App Functionalities

  • Tablet, mobile phone, Android and iOS compatible.
  • Automatic WiFi network management.
  • Automatic Chromateq software and CQSA-E device discovery.
  • Works with both DHCP and static IP addressing.
  • Quick access and fast network connection.
  • Play 1 scene from your scene list for each zone.
  • Take instant control of RGB/W color selection.
  • Individual or group DMX channel control and adjustment.
  • Hardware selection by IP address and hardware Serial No.
  • Instant slider/button control of global functions: Master Dimming, Black Out, Highlight, Pause.
  • Speed adjustment during scene playback
DMX Lighting remote control app 02
DMX Lighting remote control app 03

Latest Updates

  • Sleek new “dark” design
  • Immediate fixture control at start-up.
  • 5  zones of management across 5 pages of scene memory.
  • Play up to 5 scenes simultaneously (1 scene per Zone).
  • Merge scenes from the 5 zones in a single page.
  • Modify button icons, colors and text.
  • Add customized cursors with a group of channels.
  • Button display in Grid or List view.
  • Manage up to 4 DMX universes.
  • General individual channel levels Cut-off.
  • Connect multiple CQSA-E devices (32 max.) with the same app.
  • Control Pro DMX and Pixxem Audio Timelines.
  • Set the time and date of the CQSA-E clock.
  • Manual or Automatic IP address and network settings option.

Developer Notes

  • Android compatibility: 5.0 and higher.
  • Supports DHCP and static IP modes.
  • Wi Light App requires an access point (WiFi router) to connect with a computer running Chromateq software or a CQSA-E interface.
  • The app uses an open JSON communication protocol to send and receive command data from Chromateq software and CQSA-E.
  • Chromateq JSON protocol is open to developers and can be used by any app or software when implemented in the code.
DMX Lighting remote control app 04

Support and Download

Product Brochure

Software description, features and specifications

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User manuals to learn how to use the basic functions of the application.

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Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Raspberry versions and additional support (Fixture Profiles, drivers)


All available commercial files (Brochure, Flyer, Certificate of conformity, poster, wiring schematic by Language EN, FR, CN)

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All interface datasheets and complete technical documentation by language (EN,FR, CN)