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Pixel mapping and Video mixing

Its easy to use and finger Touch screen interface gives you an accurate immediate control on the software functionalities. Create your desired matrix configuration and pixel resolution. Adaptable to all types of sized LED projects, it will help you to create a successful visual project exactly how you pictured it. Pixxem offers a wide range of graphic effects with infinite possibilities to make every project, unique.


Main Features

- Compatible Windows and MAC Os X (need Open GL 4.0 at least)
- Suitable for all RGB and RGBW LED Fixtures and pannels
- Up to 20x512 DMX outputs (with 10 devices connected)
- Up to 255 Art-Net & sACN with 512 channels each on Ethernet
- Up to 130 560 individual channels or 43 350 RGB pixels
- High DVI resolution output (1280x1024 and 1.310.720 Pixels max)
- Compatible only with 2019 products and latest

Supported Art-Net & sACN channels or DVI resolutions:
- CQSA 512 = 4x512 / 64x64 or 4.096 Pixels
- CLUB 1024 = 8x512 / 128x128 or 16.384 Pixels
- CQSA 1024 = 8x512 / 128x128 or 16.384 Pixels
- PRONET 16 = 32x512 / 640x480 or 307.200 Pixels
- PRONET 64 = 64x512 / 1024x768 or 786.432 Pixels
- PRONET 128 = 128x512 / 1280x720 or 921.600 Pixels
- PRONET 255 = 255x512 / 1280x1024 or 1.310.720 Pixels

Patch and Mapping

Create all kind of matrix configurations. Pixxem includes a complete and powerful Patch tool to setup DVI, DMX ArtNet, 3D matrix and LED Strip. It can also create a matrix combined with different type of fixtures and with additional type of DMX channels (not RGB).



For 2D and 3D matrix and simple configuration...



For advanced configuration...



LED strip, up to your imagination...

DVI output


Output a DVI window with up to 1280x1024 pixels (depends on the package connected) for LED Screens and large resolution projects. The DVI output is optimized to support high resolutions and give the best refresh rate to visual effects.

DMX / Art-Net Signal


Standard, Multiple and LED Strip matrix can be created easily and quickly with this mode. Art-Net signal is output from the computer Ethernet network port and signal is carry on local networks (LAN or WLAN).

3D matrix


Pixxem can also setup a patch in 3D for great projects. Manages the 3 dimensions on a single matrix and customize easily the pixels on X and Y axes. Pixxem includes all the tools and possibilities to materialize a project.


Multi matrix projects

Combines any matrix size and configuration on the same project. From small to large number of pixels, each matrix can be placed anywhere in the work space of the software. Visual effects play on the current selection even if the pixel selection includes several matrix. It is thus possible to represent a project of several zones as a whole project.

Multiple Profiles

Create a matrix including a mix of several fixture types and with a different channel number. The matrix project includes different profiles from the patch. This feature allows a lot of additional possibilities in your patch and customization.


LED Strip and custom shapes

Pixxem patch is very powerful, standard and customized matrix as well as LED strip can be create and patch easily. You can organize each pixel separately or by group selection of by line of LED strip. You can place and change the shape of the LED strip in the environment.

When editing your patch, you can remove some pixel and personalize the global shape of your matrix, like a scare can become triangle or circle...

Multi pixel selection and groups

All type of pixel selections are possible. You can group and combine together different selection from separate matrix. As well as the multiple pixel selections, it is possible to merge several selections to create an unique selection of pixel.


Huge number of graphic effects

From small and basic to large and complex effects, this software is super rich in creativity and capability. It proposes already a bank of 500 types of customizable effects and can play all video files. Combined with the Multi layer option, you have an unlimited number of graphic possibilities.

All available effects:
+ Static Colours
+ Video files
+ Animated GIF
+ Picture files
+ Text Editor
+ Shape editor and sequencers
+ Graphics and textures
+ Particles
+ Moving 3D Objects
+ 3D Matrix

Multi layers on graphic effects

Combine several layers of effect to generate a new, unique and amazing graphic effect. Select the type of filter (colours, negative, invert, etc...) to the layer to change the final rendering. Layers give infinite possibilities to the software and they will extend your imagination and creativity without limitations.


Timeline synchronization

The timeline will offer you the best graphic tool to quickly and easily synchronize your effects with audio and video files. It is so easy, you just need to drag and drop your effect on the timeline and adjust the block duration for a perfect synchronization.

Touch screen user interface

Its new user interface includes a perfect design with large buttons and large controls for an easy and direct take control by finger touch. It is possible to perform several actions at the same time with your two hands on a touch screen technology.

Screen element customization
It is also possible to organize all the main screen elements and control windows as the user wishes and put these elements to the most convenient position. Controls, size, position, functions, shortcuts could be customized easily


Trigger possibilities

Pixxem accepts different type of communication to trigger and command all its controls:
+ DMX In
+ RS232
+ Keyboard keys
+ Device triggers (buttons, dry contact, infrared)
+ Ethernet commands

It is also possible to synchronize Pixxem with the other Chromateq software such as Pro DMX. and play some DMX scenes from Player and Pro software.

DMX channels control

Effects and graphics are based on RGB colours, but it is also possible to send static values on other fixture channels. For example, you can take control of your dimmer, shutter, focus or zoom channels and define static values while you are playing an RGB colour effect.


Audio effects

Pixxem includes a lot of graphic effect that can play with the sound intensity or the beat of the music. You can connect the software audio input to the computer microphone or the Line in audio source directly.

Shapes, markers and zones

Pixxem includes a selection tool with custom shapes. You can import you own shapes in the project, select a part of the matrix and apply a video of effect on this shape.
Defines different markers to create zones in a project to offer a better and accurate selection of the pixels.


Live fade cursor

You have a main cursor to fade in and out between two effects. The fade time takes is automatically associated to the transition duration, but users can decide to take control of the cursor directly and perform a manual fading according to the live situation.


• Video Presentation : PIXXEM.

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