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Studio DMX, real time 3D viewer software

Studio DMX is a real time 3D simulation software that works with LED Player and Pro DMX depending on what Chromateq package is compatible with your computer. It is 100% compatible with Windows, MAC OS and Linux systems and render Beam, Wash, Spot, LED, Laser effects immediately. It is easy, powerful and an automatic Truss assembler enables the user to create any stage quickly.


Main software features:

• 360 degrees, 3 axes (XYZ) and Zoom
• 100% Windows and MAC OS compatible
• Real Time 3D viewer and simulation
• Ethernet and IP communication (can be use on LAN)
• Quick truss construction
• Automatic Truss assembler and Stage builder included
• Easy and user friendly software
• All effects: Laser, Beam, Spot, Wash, Disco, LED, Wall Wash.
• Gobo, double Gobo, x10 Prism, Focus, Iris, Zoom, Laser, All type of Rotation, Indexation, Dimmer, Shutter, Laser dots, single color, double colors, RGB, CMY, frost rendering and effects.
• Import 3D object files (.OBJ + .DAE)
• Simple objects builder included
• Can load different Patch of fixtures
• Indoor and Outdoor projects
• Different camera view and position are management
• Can record a complete scenario of different camera position

Studio DMX 3D features presentation (video).


Software compatibilities:

• Studio DMX is included in LED Player V.1.5.0 and Pro DMX V.1.3.0 and upper versions
• Default Demo Mode allowed : 20 objects max., 20 fixtures max. or 192 channels max.
• Demo mode with LP512 connected
• Full mode activated with Club DMX connected and other Chromateq products (except LP512)
• 100% Windows and Mac Os compatible
• All effect rendering (Beam, Wash, Laser, LED,etc...)


Auto Truss assembler features:

Studio DMX includes a powerful tool to assembly quickly the truss elements automatically. Base on scare truss, it offers all type of standard truss for a stage. It is easy, powerful and the automatic Truss assembler enables the user to create any stage quickly.
• Automatic truss assembly and element selection
• Magnetic truss to combine them perfectly
• Up to 14 types of standard truss available (feet + junctions+base-1/4 circle)
• Element rotations with the right click


• Studio DMX Brochure: EN (PDF)
• Brochure Chromateq: EN (PDF)
• Flyer Presentation: EN (PDF)
• Flyer Presentation: CN (PDF)
• Features Table: EN (PDF)
• User Manuals: EN (ZIP)


• Video presentation: Brief presentation of the Studio DMX software.
• Tutorial EN: Studio DMX quick presentation and possibilities.
• Tutorial EN: Studio DMX 3D viewer software presentation.
• Tutorial EN: Auto truss assembler presentation.

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