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What is DMX512?

DMX is a shortened form of Digital MultipleX. It describes a standard method of data transmission that allows the interconnection of lighting control equipment by different manufacturers. The DMX512 protocol was developed in 1986 by a committee of the USITT (United States Institute for Theatre Technology) to provide a standard interface with which to control dimmers from lighting consoles. It allows a maximum of 512 channels per DMX line and each channel can reach 255 levels. Channels have a dimming function with 255 values.

How can I place a product order with CHROMATEQ?

Simply fill out the Order form of the contact page. You will receive a Proforma Invoice shortly. For resale and large quantity orders contact us directly with your needs and we will reply promptly.

Are the software and the interfaces compatible with Mac and PC?

Yes we supply MAC and PC versions for all software and drivers. Linux versions are available on request.

What is the minimum computer configuration required to use the software?

Our applications are well optimized and don’t require a brand new powerful computer. The minimum configuration is a computer with a Mac Os X or Windows 32 or 64 bits (2000, XP, Vista, 7) operating system, a 1Ghz CPU, 512 of RAM memory and 150 Mb of available hard drive space.


USB Drivers (Windows and Mac Os X)

For Mac OS X 10.6 and upper version does not need any driver installation. Drivers are installed automatically with the Setup or you cannot start the software.

For Win XP, Win 7, Win 8.0, you must do a manual installation directly from the device manager.
You will find the drivers and instructions in the DRIVER subdirectory of the software installation folder.

For Win 8.1, it does not support the Unsigned drivers by default.
Before install the driver, you must disable the windows signature enforcement then install the drivers manually after restart the computer. Here are the instructions in english:
Disable Windows Driver Signature Enforcement.
Then you will find the drivers and instructions in the DRIVER subdirectory of the software installation folder.

The software does not detect my interface.

The interface drivers are not well installed:
For Windows, check in the device manager and reinstall or update the drivers manually by choosing the “Browse my computer for driver software” and “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer” options.
For Mac Os X, read the installation driver instructions and check the content of the folder usr/local/lib/ with the terminal.
For Mac, read the installation driver instructions.

If the drivers are well installed and the software detect the hardware, the green led is flashing and the red led is on. A detection message is shown when users start the software.

The interface is not detected by the software and the drivers are installed properly:
Your interface is not compatible with the software or has a technical problem.
Contact the manufacturer for more details and supply the interface serial number.

Is it possible to order OEM software?

Yes, distributors and manufacturers can request the software and the hardware under OEM. We can customize them to our customers' requirements and needs. A number of conditions must be respected, so please feel free to contact us to discuss your OEM project.

Is the software compatible with electronic interfaces produced by other companies?

No, Chromateq software only works with interfaces supplied by Chromateq directly or under OEM agreements. If an interface which is not produced or supplied by Chromateq works with any of the Chromateq software then it is a copyright and patent infringement. Chromateq will take legal action for damages against the responsible party to the full extent of the existing law.

What kind of warranty does CHROMATEQ offer on its products?

All our products are covered by a 36-month warranty to end users and can be exchanged or repaired over this period of time as long as no modifications have been made to the PCB. Products which are defective from misuse or damage are not covered by the warranty.

How to connect the DMX ?

The DMX512 is a Digital network to communicate with lights. It use a low voltage (0 to 5 Volts) and need 3 wires (Data +, Data - and ground). For a perfect installation and to reduce disturbances we strongly advise to use real DMX Shielded cables.

How many lights I can connect to my DMX device ?

A standard DMX line use a maximum of 512 channels. Each fixtures uses a number of channels and uses part of the DMX line. The maximum number is reached when you add all the fixture channels number to reach 512. For example, I have a RGB light that uses 3 channels (R, G and B), I can use a maximum of 170 fixtures per DMX line because 3x170 = 510. This leaves 2 more channel to reach 512. Since my light needs 3 channels these 2 channels are not used.

Can Chromateq products control LED light directly ?

Yes if the fixture accepts the DMX 512 protocol. No if the fixture use another communication method or if it is a simple analog device with no communication input. In the case of no control input you must use a DMX compatible driver between our Device and the Light but this may not always be possible.

How can I know the history and the features of each software release?

After downloading the software and after running the installation, the setup install tool will display the "Read me.txt" file wich contains features of each different software version.

Troubleshooting Tutorials

• Troubleshooting : EN (pdf) ; FR (pdf)
• DMX interruption with Mac Energy saving settings and Screen Saver : EN (pdf)
• Allow Software Installation on MAC : EN (pdf)
• Fix when stuck in Stand Alone : EN (pdf)
• How to force quit an app on iPhone or iPad : EN (pdf)
• Crash Red LED LPSA-WIFI : EN (pdf) ; FR (pdf)

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