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Wi-Light Application (iOS and Android)

Wi-Light is an easy application for smart-phone and tablets, it replaces the previous Smartboard DMX and it is available on Google Play (Android ) and itune (iOS).

The new Wi-Light on you phone is like an advanced WIFI remote control. You can use all the Live Board controls of the LED Player software via a local WIFI connection. Therefore it is possible to remotely trigger scenes and programs, to instantly change the RGBW colors of your LED lights and much more (Speed, general dimmer, pause, black out, full white).


Application Features

Can communicate with the LPSA-Wifi interface in Stand Alone (without computer, via a Wifi router or direct with iphone and ipad)
Automatic reconnection to the Wifi network (New feature)
Faster communication and reaction of the application
Play one scene from the list
Play several programs from the list
Take control of the RGB and RGBW color fixtures instantly
Take control of your RGBW LED color separately
Dimming of light intensity (General)
Modify the speed of a scene and programs being played
Black Out (General)
Pause (General)
Put the lights On to their maximum intensity
Control each channel separately (new, more efficient)
Select modes to display (scene, program, Color, channel) New
Chose a broadcast of fixed IP address (New feature)
Setup a password to secure the application (New feature)
Connect up to 10 terminals to the LED Player software (New)
Get the state of the LED Player and terminals instantly (New)
Compatible with the Led Player V.1.3.3 and upper
Free Wi-Light PC and Wi-Light Mac on Windows and Mac Os X


The application requires a WIFI router to use the WIFI connection from the smart-phone or Tablet to the computer.
You can also use a virtual router software directly on your computer.

For software developers, a new communication protocol is available with the DEV KIT.
This Open source code offers all the control panel to directly communicate with the Led Player software.

Wi-Light for Andoid system (Google Play)
Wi-Light for iOS

User Manuals : EN (pdf) ; FR (pdf)

Presentation Video : Brief presentation of the Wi-light application.
Demo Video: Wi-Light quick presentation and possibilities.