Chromateq - Lighting and Visual Control Solutions

Lighting and Visual Control Solution

Chromateq™ is a Dynamic and Innovative company which conceives and designs Professional DMX Lighting and Video Control systems for a varied range of Architectural and Spectacle lighting projects.

We supply reliable and competitive lighting command solutions for all the following industries and projects: Sound systems, discos, theaters, concerts, shows, stages, parties, nightclubs, LED installations, indoor and outdoor architectural lighting, monuments, exhibitions, shops, shopping malls, bars, performances and services.

Adaptability and Performance

The adaptability and notable Performance capability of our products makes them suitable for all lighting installers and lighting designers especially those working in the Show business and Entertainment or Architectural industries.

OEM possibilities for Lighting Manufacturers

As well as being a Designer and Supplier, Chromateq is equally proficient in providing numerous OEM possibilities for lighting Manufacturers and Distributors. We can quickly personalize the Software and DMX interfaces to correspond with our customer’s image and needs.

MAC OS, ANDROID, WINDOWS and Linux compatibility

Thanks to our experience and knowledge, all the Software and DMX dongle are Windows, Mac Os, Linux and Android compatible and will largely replace a traditional DMX 512 desk.

Free Software Download

All our Lighting Management Software are Free and require a Chromateq™ Device or Interface to transform your computer into an impressively adaptable and effective DMX Controller.

Téléchargement de la Documentation et des Vidéos:

• Brochures : EN (pdf) ; CN ; FR ; DE
• Tableau des caractéristiques : EN (pdf) ; CN (pdf)
• Manuels Utilisateur : EN ; FR ; CN
• Caractéristiques de tous les Produits : Caractéristiques simplifiées des Produits (EN)
Configuration Art-net (PDF et Vidéo).

• Présentation Video : Brief presentation of the LED Player software.
• Tutorial EN : LED Player English Tutorial.
• Tutoriel FR : Création des Profils.
• Tutoriel FR : Patch des Profils.
• Tutoriel FR : Zoom sur la configuration matrice.
• Tutorial DE : LED Player German Tutorial.
• Tutorial EN : Assign Shortcuts in the Live Board Mode.
• Tutorial EN : Controler Midi.
• Tutorial EN : Matrix Profile.
• Tutorial EN : Multi Beams fixtures.
• Tutorial EN : Play scenes with BPM.
• Tutorial EN : Record DMX.
• Tutorial EN : Wifi Multizone setup.

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