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Lighting and Visual Control Solutions

Chromateq™ is a Dynamic and Innovative company which conceives and designs Professional DMX Lighting and Video Control systems for a varied range of Architectural and Spectacle lighting projects.

We supply reliable and competitive lighting command solutions for all the following industries and projects: Sound systems, discos, theaters, concerts, shows, stages, parties, nightclubs, LED installations, indoor and outdoor architectural lighting, monuments, exhibitions, shops, shopping malls, bars, performances and services.

LED Player Software


Led player is without precedent when it comes to its user-friendly mode and ability to be mastered astoundingly easily and swiftly... It controls architectural LED and Stage Lighting.

LED Player

Pro DMX Software


Our latest Pro software for Live performances, stage lighting, architectural and sound to light shows. It includes a video and audio timeline and real time live controls...


LPSA512 / 1024


The ideal DMX512 controller for installations. It includes an interface with 512 Stand Alone channels + a Real Time Clock (RTC) to play a show without computer...

10 reasons to choose Chromateq™:

• The Guaranty that you are receiving the best prices
• The confidence that gradually builds up when working with reliable and economical solutions
• Our technical support for MAC and PC
• The quality of our software which has passed a long period of testing stages
• A quality DMX Dongle that includes multiple security protections and has been assembled with original RoHS and CE certified components
• Our impeccable international technical support
• Our 24-month product warranty
• Our attention to customer needs which involves being constantly available to listen to your inquiries and issues and respond with prompt concrete solutions
• Our powerful worldwide sales network
• Possible customization of our products based on your requirements and needs

Latest News

Follow the latest improvements and Chromateq™ innovations for the Professional lighting industry.


10-2013 / Wi-Light New Application

Our new application for iOS and Android systems (smartphone + tablet).
It gives the same functions as the Smartboard DMX plus some additional ones, like the possibility to connect up to 10 terminals or reconnect automatically to the wifi signal or personalize your App.
The application has also the ability to communicate with our coming LPSA-Wifi Stand Alone interface and trigger scenes stored in memory or play with the RGBW colors, scene speed, general dimmer and pause functions of the LPSA-Wifi.
We will give frequent updates and you can purchase the Wi-Light from itune and googleplay or from the following links :
Wi-Light for Android
Wi-Light for iOS


09-2013 / Pro DMX for Mac Os X

The 1.0.5 version of the Pro DMX software is available for Mac Os X systems.
It includes a Video, Audio and lighting DMX timeline to accurately and efficiently synchronize various media. It allows performing some live actions immediately in real time on selected fixtures.
Only the Club DMX pack is compatible with the Pro DMX software and offers 15 minutes of Timeline.